The Amazing World of Zoctornyia

Even tho Zoctornyia favors Earth in some ways, many ways it does not. Especially the lives that live on this world. Each race is unigue in many ways. Just like humans their are good and bad of any kind of race you come across. Males out number the females, 90%of the female population are Serians (sluty, bitches, that care only about their self).

Leaders of Zoctornyia armor is gold and one other color.

Leader guards armor is gold and two other colors.

Warriors armor is two colors but no gold.

Mostly everyone else is one main color armor. Except leader's bloodline (offspring) they usually have silver and one other color of armor.

Hope this helps alittle :D

Friday, December 16, 2011

Vultar's Tellianar Part 1

~Extended Description~

This is Vultar's Heart, Body and Soul Mate remade. It has lots more added to it, especially Vultar's thoughts.

A young eighteen year old female gets kidnapped from her own home.

While off in another world Vultar plans to get himself captured to find her, his heart, body and soul mate.

What will her reaction be to seeing her soul mate, who is not human at all. This is his biggest fear, once she sees him will she run in fear?

You must read to see all the action, love, humor and sweetness all rolled into this one series.
~Sneak Peak~

I watch as she stands her ground as I continue to approach. Beautiful, bright blue eyes stare directly into mine without knowing. They twinkle with the slightest hint of proof that our bond was tugging slowly at her as well. I gently glide my tail against her small ankle.
A small tingling sensation shoots up my leg as something soft and smooth brushes against my bare ankle. It has to be someone in the cell with me. A warm sensation flows through my body as its touch disappears.
I will never harm you, Angel Eyes.” My words drift out in nothing but a whisper. Her response to my voice is very clear, her body is now crying out for mine.
Hearing his voice speak again sends sudden warmth over my body. This time he is speaking a little louder.
Is he talking to me? Well duh, why else would he be coming closer and speaking louder? Man I can be such an air head at times.
The sound of his chains moving against the ground snaps my attention back to what’s going on and where I am.
"Please don't hurt me."
The words stumble out in a soft whisper.
All of my men are now whispering calming words to her.
We will not hurt you.” “There is nothing to fear, Little One.”Please do not hurt yourself.” “Calm yourself, Beautiful.”

~Sneak Peak~

He smiles, then diverts his attention back to the Blackthorn Cobracons and joins the conversation once more.
If it is a battle you desire then we will give it to you.”
She will be mine and mine alone. No other Tellianar needs to be with her. I will mate her then kill her after she has my first Tellianar young one.”
Vultar's chest muscles start to tighten under the palm of my hand. Looking up to his face, shows exactly what I thought is true; he's getting very pissed off. His voice starts to deepen and soon after I hear Roctra's voice deepen as well.
Then I will kill you for her, she deserves all of her Tellianars love and protection. I will never let her die.”
All of us here will kill you and your men for Vultar’s mate. They belong with each other.”
So be it, your village will die this day and I will have the prize to do whatever I desire to do with her.”

Zoctornyia's Training Grounds Part 1

Description~~  Would you ever agree to go to another world's school? How would you react finding out you have a soul mate? Even better yet, what would you do if you had more than one? Could you accept a male mate who looks female?

Leaders of five worlds came together to build this school. Making it the most unigue school ever designed. All the races of all five worlds may join and learn together as one

~Sneak Peaks~

(1.)       "Hey, Father," he stops as his full divided attention is drawn to his father's friends. "Wow, and you wanted just a close family get together." He sarcastically puts as he jabs his elbow into Tiffany's arm.
She jerks away from him, "Yeah, well, your friends are crazy." She solemnly says as Violet steps in between them.
Violet gives Marcus a death look then turns to face his father, "I can't believe you left this jerk in charge of her." Marcus starts to open his mouth, but Violet cuts him off, "He is mean, violent, and self centered." She turns back to Marcus to see his angered expression. "You are, not once have you done anything to help your sister. You yell at her about everything. Come on look at this place men have been groping her left and right all night long and not once did you say anything to stop them."

(2.)       Both girls stop their movements and stare at each other in shock. Tiffany’s question escapes while her thoughts linger on it, “You are not a female?” Violet giggles as she watches her friends face bloom with a blush.
He finally replies, “No. We may look female to you humans, but we are not.” She hears him sigh softly before he continues, “Some of us are both male and female.”

(3.)      “What are you two laughing........about.”Her breath is drained from her as the tall man looks down at her. Standing only about three to four inches apart, she can feel his body heat rising by the minute. “I am so sorry.” Her voice is crackling slightly as she struggles to gain control of her emotions.
He smiles then leans down and whispers in her ear. “You will never be sorry again.” He blows softly against her neck. “The only thing you will ever need to be sorry for.” The heat of his body starts to increase as his hot breathe continues to tease her neck and ear. She finally hears the ending of his sentence as it caresses her soul, “Is for not being in my arms so that I may please you fully.”
Well that did it, her mind freezes as her body ignites into an eternal flame of wild fire.

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Reviews :D 

Review by: Kaylee Soderburg on Nov. 08, 2011 : starstarstarstarstar
I loved this too and I was wondering if there was more of it? It left me hanging and yelling at the document to create more. I hopethere will be more, this seems like a great book that everyone will love. I haven't checked out many books on here since I'm also a new author (finally finished publishing my book on here) you're cover caught my eye. I really like it a lot. So please keep writing this and I look forward to reading more!
Review by: Brittany Carrigan on Oct. 30, 2011 : starstarstarstarstar
Yet another amazing short story by the Author! This series is about Tiffany, her brother Marcus and best friend Violet going to the school that Tiffany and Marcus' dad teaches at on another planet. There are MANY twists and turns including the introduction of a new race of characters. Another series that I can't wait for the author to finish :)
breath taking and wonderful ! February 22, 2012 By Burl Smith Five Star Review
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
The cover art gives explicit detail to the beautiful mystery . This book will draw you into , one that you will want to read more and more of . As you begin Reading , You are drawn into the story quickly and i could not turn away . Excellent structure for a fabulous tale . I was able to read this part 1 within an hour and loved every word presented to each sentence .The relationships or the characters are amazingly effective in showing who they are as you read . The relationship of Tiffany and her older brother Marcus are intensely realistic . The Bff bond between Violet and Tiffany are remarkable and real . There is a very touching scene between Tiffany and her father , Daniel and then Uncle Dustin comes into the story . As Tiffany falls into the eye's of another's beautiful glowing blue eyes the story really keeps you panting to read more . A MUST READ , I LOVE IT .
Too bloody short February 22, 2012 By reads a tad too much Three Star Review
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Enjoyable with erotic and romantic plans being made (5 Soul Mates sheesh hope the heroine can stand it) but seriously way too short as soon as you get into the story its done.....
Basically its like a prologue and from what I have seen from the next book best bet is to download this freebie and hope the complete collection is out will probably end up equalling one novel when its done sadly.
Interesting read February 29, 2012 By cedarblue Four Star Review
Format:Kindle Edition
Having never read any erotica this was different for me. I wouldn't say it is my type, however, it is a good write and I found the characters very imaginative. Emotions were written well. The author has a wonderful imagination and if you read this type of book I believe you will be wanting to read more. The cover art adds to the beauty of the story.
Morgan Two Star Review on B&N
To short and stupid. That is all I have to say. Short and stupid.
Omg Five Star Review on B&N
Such a good book but were is part II . I found part III but not part II.
Garbage One Star Review on B&N
Pure and simple childish nonsense.
Good book.Four Star Review on B&N
The book was really cool/ different. But please tell me where part II is? Authory person please revise or something.
uhm Five Star Review on B&N
where's part II? I found III but not II?