The Amazing World of Zoctornyia

Even tho Zoctornyia favors Earth in some ways, many ways it does not. Especially the lives that live on this world. Each race is unigue in many ways. Just like humans their are good and bad of any kind of race you come across. Males out number the females, 90%of the female population are Serians (sluty, bitches, that care only about their self).

Leaders of Zoctornyia armor is gold and one other color.

Leader guards armor is gold and two other colors.

Warriors armor is two colors but no gold.

Mostly everyone else is one main color armor. Except leader's bloodline (offspring) they usually have silver and one other color of armor.

Hope this helps alittle :D

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Zoctornyia's Training Grounds Part 4~ Sneak Peak :)

Zoctornyia's Training Grounds Part 4

Tiffany giggled slightly as she walked off to be with Violet. Marcus watched them walk off then he turned to his brother and asked, “Am I really that bad?”
His brother winked at him, “Not at all, you just need more training.”
Marcus’ mouth dropped as he heard the last of the sentence. He grumbled out behind his brother, “Good to know my family thinks so highly of me.”
His brother stopped abruptly infront of him and turned around. It all happened so fast that Marcus had no time to stop himself from running face first into his brothers’ muscle bound chest. He stepped back a little to rub as nose as he glared up at the man, “Why did you do that?”
The older brothers’ expression showed how pissed off he was. Yet, Marcus had no idea why. He growled out to Marcus, “We would never think lowly of you, Marcus. We have done so much to keep you safe from harm.”
Tiffany asked in a hush voice as the two brothers turned and sat down at the large-picnic type-table, “Harm from what?”
Their brother turned to stare at their father -for a few silent seconds-before answering them, “Nothing for you two to worry about.”
Violet hissed out under her breath, “Well at least tell us your name.”
He chuckled inwardly, “My name is Halldar.”
Marcus continued to rub his nose as he picked at his food in disgust. “They could have at least made it look like a cake…” He mindlessly rambled on, “God, your abs hurt…” His fingers stopped rubbing the bridge of his nose as he continued, “At least wear something soft over them…you know….to cushion impact…Hey wait.” Marcus turned to Halldar, “You were wearing armor…..”His eyes grew wide as he took in that Halldar WAS wearing armor. “Clearly I have lost my bloody mind…” He huffed slightly as he started to play with his food again, “No wonder it hurt running into you….your laced with metal.”
Halldar couldn’t help it this time. His laughter filled the air along with a few others’ as well. He gently rubbed Marcus’ shoulder as he let his healing flow through his fingers into his younger brothers’ body. “I was wearing armor up until you ran into me.”
Marcus looked up into the golden eyes and searched for the truth as he stated, “I didn’t see you strip.” He teasingly pointed to Violet and Tiffany as he continued, “Those two would have been whistling up a storm if you did.”
Tiffany’s face turned bright red, while Violet’s lips turned up with a large grin. She shouted out, “Hell yeah, strip tease!”
Tiffany smacked her, “He is your brother.”
Violet winked back at her, “Not by blood.”
Tiffany’s mouth dropped open as she gasped, “That’s horrible, Violet.”
Violet shrugged, “How so? It would just be a strip tease. It’s not like I said lets jump his body.”
Tiffany covered her face with her hands as she whispered, “We are so going to be kicked out of school.”
Marcus didn’t even reply to Tiffany’s remark, he was too busy waiting for Halldar to answer. Halldar slowly started to drift his armor away, little by little. That did it, Violet bounced in her seat while shaking Tiffany, “Tiffany, you’re missing the show.”
Tiffany groaned as she slightly opened her fingers to look at Halldar. Sure enough, her brother’s upper body was now bare for the world to see. She pushed Violet slightly as she groaned, “Stop acting like a dog in heat….do you want to get suspended?”
Violet’s nose crinkled slightly as she mindlessly scanned the sky, “No…that would suck….OMG, Tiff, look…there are three suns.”
Tiffany’s eyes turned upward and her mouth dropped as she took in the sight of three bright suns each one a different size. “OMG, you’re right.”
Marcus continued to stare his brother down as he whispered, “Who cares about the suns…he just went half naked within a blink of an eye and all you two can think about is the suns…” A shocked expression filled his face as he babbled on, “Three suns….no way…” Now he himself was staring up at the suns as Halldar grew his armor back into place. “Why three? Isn’t one enough?” Slowly turning back to Halldar he asked, “Don’t you guys get sunburned?” His eyes grew wide once again, “And again…your back in armor….WTH?!”
Halldar chuckled as he replied to Marcus, “No.”
Marcus stared at him for a few seconds before stating, “Yes you are.” He reached over and tapped his brother on the chest armor, “See…armor.”
Daniel’s laugh drew Marcus’ attention to him. He was sitting with a bunch of other people at tables that sat up on a large bleacher like area. “He was telling you, he doesn’t get sunburned, Marcus, as for the armor…it is like a second skin to us.”
Marcus turned his eyes back to Halldar, he teasingly poked his brother’s chest again, as he asked, “Does this hurt?”
Halldar grinned as he did the same back to Marcus, “Does that hurt.”
Marcus glared at his brother, “Actually yes…you poke hard.”
Halldar’s expression softened as he gently healed his brother with a touch, “Sorry.”
Marcus chuckled as he pushed his brother’s hand away from him, “I was joking.”
Tiffany shyly whispered, “Is he dressed yet?”
Violet struggled to pull Tiffany’s hands away from her face as she teased her, “Nope, he is butt naked now.”
Tiffany’s gasp and sudden movement knocked Violet off her seat. She rolled over onto her stomach while laughing, “God…you’re too easy to mess with, Tiff.” Tiffany glared down at Violet then slowly extended her hand to offer help. “That’s ok…I am a big girl and can get up on my own.”
Tiffany frowned down at her, “Sorry, you just shocked me by saying that.”
Violet winked up at her, as she sat up. “I know…it was too good to resist.”
Marcus’ voice got Tiffany’s attention, “Don’t worry, Tiffany, if any one strips I will be sure to tell them to put some clothes on.”
She glared at him as Violet took her seat. “I bet you would.”
He poked at the meat on his plate as he whispered, “After I let them shock the hell out of you first…that is.”
Her mouth dropped open as she struggled to reach around Halldar-who was now trying to hold her back-to smack Marcus. “I know where you sleep, Jerk.”

Zoctornyia's Training Grounds Part 3~Sneak Peak

Zoctornyia's Training Grounds Part 3

Violet has never backed down from a fight, nor would she now. She continued to watch the female as she stood back up from the ground. She instantly turned to face Tiffany again this is when Violet finally figured out who she was. Tiffany’s love mate is this one’s soul mate. As if gone mad she starts to laugh hysterically. The female turns her eyes to Violet, just what she wanted her to do. She growls deeply at Violet as her laughs die down. “About time you noticed me.” The sarcasm in her words made the female more pissed off than before. “Aw, did I piss on your happy parade.” The female’s anger is now so evident even Violet’s mate notes it. He steps forward to defend her, but she throws up her hand to him and then says in a deep tone, “This is my fight, not yours.” Shocked by her words he turns to face her but sees nothing but the side of her face as she continues to stare her enemy down. His face lights up with a smile of pride and amusement. To see his mate angered was making him very aroused, he even enjoyed watching her lips curl up to reveal her beautiful white teeth.
The female is clearly shocked and confused by Violet’s actions. She turns to look at her soul mate, he says nothing he also stands his ground beside the other female. This builds her anger more, he should be protecting her, not that weak human. The young female knows nothing about mating, her senses tell her Tiffany is still a virgin, he must be insane to desire such a woman. I am the one who has given him twenty sons and five daughters she has given him nothing. I have spent the past five hundred thousand years in his village dealing with his stupid commands. To think these men would desire females that only want them because of their love for them, this is crazy, they should want a female that has lots of mating experience like her. Her thoughts trail off as Violet walks closer to her. She turns and hisses at the human female. This one would make a good female if she used her anger to mate all the men like we do, but she is also like that one and desires men for their love. Stupid human females, they know nothing about men. No man will ever really desire them, nor will they want to stay by their side when they can have females like her any time they wish. She grins at Violet then says, “You cannot beat me.”
Violet sends a wicked grin back at her, “We will see.”
Tiffany’s voice is heard as she yells out, “Violet, Don’t do it! They are stronger than us!”
Violet turns to her and smiles, “Strength does not win a battle Tiff.” Tiffany’s mouth shuts instantly as her mind lingers on her adoptive sister’s words. Violet turns back to her enemy as she continues to walk closer, “As for you. You have no idea how to fight.”
The female’s gold eyes glare with anger at her words, “What do you know about me?”
Violet laughs softly as she shakes her head, “You’re a slut, that means you know more about sex then you do about fighting. I on the other hand have trained for many years and have a black belt to verify I know nothing about sex but a lot about fighting.”
The female stumbles slightly backwards, as Violet continues to approach her. “Females are not trained to fight!” Her words came out with a hint of sarcasm and disbelieve.
Violet’s eyes dance with amusement, “Maybe not on this world, but on Earth many females learn to battle. There are many who are better at it than the men.”
Again Violet’s words bring unknown fear to the woman’s eyes. She continues to step backwards as her enemy comes closer. “I don’t believe you. You are lying just to frighten me.” Even though she believes this to be true, she cannot deny that her words are bringing fear to her.
Violet stops right in front of her leaving only two feet between them. Her words come out with anger lacing each and every one of them, “Would you like to find out?”
The female’s eyes direct back to her mate. Then she notes his arm around Tiffany stroking her back to keep her calm. More rage builds within her.
Violet knows who she is looking at by her reaction, “Stop staring at my SISTER and pay attention to me!” She lunges forward and knocks her enemy backwards.
The female’s eyes widen as she collects herself. No one has ever caught her off guard, especially not a pure female. Seeing Violet’s eyes glaring back at her puts a new kind of fear into her. She lunges forward figuring her strength and speed would be enough to win this battle.
Violet dodges her attack as if it was nothing. She catches the female off guard once again, but this time she strikes, bringing a hard closed fist right into the female’s gut. The blow brings tears to the female’s eyes as she leans over holding her stomach, while gasping for air. Violet comes up behind her and grabs a handful of hair, pulling on it to tilt her enemies head back. She hisses threw her teeth, “You ever touch my sister, ever, and I will kill your slutty ass.” The female winces in pain as Violet throws her head forward and finally release her hold on the her long black hair. The female moans in pain as she crumbles to the ground still gripping her abdomen. Violet laughs softly as the female turns her face to look at her. “So what was that about us females cannot fight?” She hurries to her feet as Violet walks back to Tiffany. Violet senses the female’s actions and swings her fist out, up and to the side of her, catching her enemy right in the face sending her back down to the ground. She growls low as her words comes out, “This is your last and final warning, Do not piss me off, I will kill you if need be!”
The female rubs her bloody lips with the back of her hand as she stands. Violet moves as if she was going to charge her again. This sends the female into retreating, she runs off and out of sight as Violet laughs whole heartedly. “Man I love it when I get my point across.” She senses Tiffany’s approach. “Tiffany,” she starts as she turns to face her, “I really need to teach you the art of self-defense.”
Tiffany giggles as they hug each other, “That kind of sounds like fun.”
Violet pulls away from her before saying, “Oh it is.” They both turn towards the men. All eyes are on them and they are all in shock at what just happened. Violet giggles softly as she also notes the arousing expression of her mate, “Clearly these guys have never seen a good girl fight before.”
Tiffany giggles, “Or maybe they have never seen a pure female fight before.” Her laughter increases as her mates smile back at her and wink. “Hey Violet, when can we start training.” She winks back at them as their smiles turn to seductive grins.
“After classes are done today, I will teach you all the basics.” She turns to walk off stopping within two feet. She yells out over her shoulder to Tiffany, “Come on woman! We have to get you a pretty flower!”
Tiffany giggles at her mates as they walk up to her, “Come on guys, you don’t want to piss her off now do you?”
The males all laugh in unison and also reply in unison, “No.”
Houlgar continues to laugh softly as he catches up to his feisty mate, “I wouldn’t mind having a fight with you, Beautiful.” He winks down at her as she grins wickedly up at him, “I think it might be quite enjoyable.”
Violet giggles softly before replying, “Oh my attacks on you would be so different. I just may bring a blush to that handsome face of yours.”