The Amazing World of Zoctornyia

Even tho Zoctornyia favors Earth in some ways, many ways it does not. Especially the lives that live on this world. Each race is unigue in many ways. Just like humans their are good and bad of any kind of race you come across. Males out number the females, 90%of the female population are Serians (sluty, bitches, that care only about their self).

Leaders of Zoctornyia armor is gold and one other color.

Leader guards armor is gold and two other colors.

Warriors armor is two colors but no gold.

Mostly everyone else is one main color armor. Except leader's bloodline (offspring) they usually have silver and one other color of armor.

Hope this helps alittle :D

Monday, February 27, 2012

Paperback Format of Book One of the Zoctornyia Series

You can buy it from Amazon for $8.99 or you can buy it from me signed for $10.99 plus shipping and handling. Shipping and handling will cost, $2.50 for USA, $11.60 for UK or Australia. If you want to buy a signed copy from me please leave a comment with your email address so that I may contact you with my paypal info and get your mailing address from you :D


  1. Hi Beth! I'm so happy for you! When I get paid, I'll be getting a signed copy from you!

    1. yaya :D hmmm I need to save money to get Birth of Jaiden signed copy :D fyi I'm almost done reading it :D my two year old keeps stealing my kindle :( she loves to play crazy birds on it 0.o