The Amazing World of Zoctornyia

Even tho Zoctornyia favors Earth in some ways, many ways it does not. Especially the lives that live on this world. Each race is unigue in many ways. Just like humans their are good and bad of any kind of race you come across. Males out number the females, 90%of the female population are Serians (sluty, bitches, that care only about their self).

Leaders of Zoctornyia armor is gold and one other color.

Leader guards armor is gold and two other colors.

Warriors armor is two colors but no gold.

Mostly everyone else is one main color armor. Except leader's bloodline (offspring) they usually have silver and one other color of armor.

Hope this helps alittle :D

Monday, June 4, 2012

Ebook Format of Book One of the Zoctornyia Series :D

This Is Vultar's Heart, Body and Soul Mate Parts One- Four, Plus Descriptions at the end of the book :D

My life has always been normal. Well you know what i mean by

normal; shopping, chatting on my cell, hanging out with family and

friends, reading great books, stuff like that. I am now an

eighteen year old girl with a never ending supply of boredom.

Nothing exciting or unusual has ever happened to me. That is until

now. I lived in a small town where everyone knows you by name and

where and who your family members are at all times of the day. Who

knew that going into my basement by myself would turn my life

upside down ? A strange noise was coming from the basement so

someone had to go look. Of course it had to be me. No one else was

at home at the time. I mean come on now, who would have ever

guessed three men in weird costumes where going to be down there

waiting for me? The only way in or out is from our kitchen, and I

know for a fact they did not walk past me. I was reading a very

good romance novel, while sitting at the table directly across from

the basement door. So there is no way they could have walked

through without me noticing.

Now I am trapped in some kind of dungeon. At least, I think it's a dungeon. It could be jail and they just happen to have no power at the moment. If so, they really need to pass out blankets and buy some air fresheners at least. Plus these strange handcuffs are very annoying. I really wish I could remember how I got in here. The only thing I do remember is punching one of them in the face; serves him right for telling me to obey his every command. He did not have to knock me out cold; it's not like he really felt it.

How am I ever going to get out of here? Wait! Did I just hear someone whispering? This total darkness is driving me mad. From somewhere amongst the darkness chains are now moving slowly across the ground. Right after hearing this, shivers descend down my spine. They stop with a loud clank as metal meets metal. Whispers start once again, this time they seem to be coming from my right side. His voice is deep yet very calming to my soul. Maybe if I keep my back towards the bars I will be safer. A small tingling sensation shoots up my leg as something soft and smooth brushes against my bare ankle. It has to be someone in the cell with me. Hearing his voice speak again sends sudden warmth over my body. This time he is speaking a little louder. Is he talking to me? Well duh, why else would he be coming closer and speaking louder? Man I can be such an air head at times. The sound of his chains moving against the ground snaps my attention back to what’s going on and where I am.

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Reviews :D

Review by: Frances Cintron on March 16, 2012 : starstarstarstarstar
I just discovered this author, and let me tell you, I'm sooo looking forward to her next work. She's very inventive and imaginative and has good story lines. The only thing is.... SHE LEAVES YOU WANTING MORE, MORE, MOOOOOORRRREEE!!!!! I've already read almost all her work in her Vultar and Zoctornyia worlds' series and I'm pulling my hair waiting for the new stories to be published. I hope they come out soon!
Review by: Lynne Stevie on Nov. 27, 2011 : starstarstarstar
Wow, this is a great read. I am not normally a fan of otherworld fantasies, but this hooks you from the very first word. My only complaint is that I want more! It was over too quickly. I will definitely be ordering more in this series.
Review by: Proserpine on Nov. 09, 2011 : starstarstarstar
Beth Wright has really succeeded to hook me up with the first part of her novel: Vultar's Heart body and Soul Mate! The author is really a good creator: her world is filled up with mysterious creature half-human, half-reptilian. This half thing didn't bother me and I'm not an Alien lover so that does really impress me. Even if some part of her story is pretty strange and unbelievable, I was eager to know what would happen to the main characters and the evolution of the story. So that's a big plus for me!

First of all: Setianna or Elisabeth (human name) is kidnapped by some men (who are they anyway???) in her own house. She wakes up in a dungeon with a bunch of creature half human/reptilian but she's not scared and she trusted them already (weirdo but ok the guy seems to be super hot so I wouldn't be scare either!). She ended up on a planet or a world that she doesn't even know a fuck about and she's not worried or scared to death. And she doesn't even think that she is dreaming (That's my favourite part of Setianna's personality, because there's one thing that bores me and it's when female characters in PNR or UF books start to think they are into a dream and everything around them aren't real... come on ...) But that doesn't happens in this story and makes me love it even more!

Second: Setianna had a family on Earth? She almost doesn't noticed or cared if she never see them anymore but everything is going so fast in this story that I can understand she doesn't have the time to think about it!

Setianna is a strange female character, she doesn't ask a lot of question but she's able to trust everyone from this creepy world. She's beautiful and she seems to be an intelligent woman and a strong person but she doesn't seem to be able to analyze her surrounding. I like her but I would love to learn or know more about her and her past. Maybe in the next book?

Vultar's a great characters, he only got eyes for Setianna. He wants to protect her and make her happy. He seems to be an amazing warrior, great leader and handsome man/reptilian. Everything a woman would like about a man except for the serpent part of is body but who cares?!

I really enjoy the new world, creature, habits and rules on this planet. Like I said I'm not an Alien story lover but this one really surprises me and I wasn't disappointed! I love to find new style and this story really gives me something different. The plot and the actions aren't something I never read but the whole setup is very interesting.
I would like to have more specific or detail sex scenes (ok I'm not a nympho but I want some crunchiest part of these scenes!) I want to feel that I could be with them in the room.

The one thing that really bother me and that's why I couldn't give a 5/5 rating is the space and time line. I read other book reviews and I found that this also bother other readers. Everything happens so fast and on a timeline that can't exist, we readers are sometime lost in that timeline and even Setianna doesn't seem to notice or doesn't care at all!

I really like the style and fluidity of the author. I love her creativity and imagination and she's got a lot of them! And I think that if you try this book you will be surprise too!
Review by: Brittany Carrigan on Oct. 30, 2011 : starstarstarstarstar
First off I have to say that this is not usually a type of book that I would get "into" since the whole "other worlds" thing doesn't really float my boat, but holy moly! I was hooked from the beginning lines so I'm so glad I was lucky enough to receive this short story ebook from the Author after reading Part 1 of the series.
It starts out with Elizabeth going in the basement after hearing noises and being knocked out cold by the 3 guys down there. She ends up in a dungeon where she meets Vultar (swoon!!!) and his son Tronarc, whose "people" end up breaking all of them out of the jail. In the process Vultar completely mesmerizes Elizabeth (and me!) and tells her that they are soul-mates, that his name for her is Setiana, and that he will never let any harm come to her. There are many twists and turns, including Setiana's pregnancy/childbirth and many battles. It is action packed from start to finish! This short story is definitely an amazingly unique find :)

Review by: Jennifer Smith on Oct. 26, 2011 : starstarstarstarstar
This was a really fun read. I enjoyed it and it left me wanting to read other works by Beth Wright. I would recommend this book to everyone. You won't be disappointed :)
Review by: Crystal Trent Dotson on Oct. 17, 2011 : starstarstarstarstar
Elizabeth finds herself chained in a cell , trying to figure out how she got there , when she meets Vultar a tall handsome creature that she soon learns is her soul mate. Once they are rescued from the dungeon, she learns of her new life with Vultar. She is taken to her new beautiful village. After fighting off another races leader that wants her for himself , she is in a deep sleep for four days , but once she finally comes to , she is in the loving arms of Vultar. She is still learning the ways of her new life ,when she becomes preagnant , but she soon finds out it is not going to be like a normal human preagnancy nor will her babies lives be like human babies. Elizabeth , or Setiana, which is her new name ,may not be strong enough to deal with only having her babies for a short time , the attacks of Baltarna , and learning she has more than one Tellianar.
This is a Great series , it has so many twists and unexpected turns that you will find yourself in the world of Zoctornyia , and being fascinated with all the amazing characters.

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